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6 October 2008



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I am very very proud and excited to unveil this fabulous new website for all to use...




Upload .. Download .. Perform
a repository of scores for contemporary experimental performance



... share your scores, actions, rituals,
choreographed movements, texts, instructions,
suggestions, recipes, meditations, ...



Upload .. Download .. Perform is an absolutely free wiki-project that permits visitors to share experimental performance scores of any kind. Visitors can upload and embed text-files, images, videos, and audio, or simply type-and-save their instructions directly into the page. Uploaded scores are then immediately available to anyone anywhere who might wish to download and perform them. All copyrights / creative commons are of course retained by the artists who decide to share their work - Upload .. Download .. Perform is simply a friendly online facilitator/watering-hole, with absolutely NO strings attached - this is not a business!



Some features:

  • All kinds of files can be easily uploaded and embedded into the pages using the wiki markup...
  • Contributors can also embed files, videos, that are already stored remotely on other websites (personal sites, YouTube, etc)...
  • There are lots of ways to stumble into titles: browse by artist, title, keywords, duration, materials, number-of-performers, and of course via random selection...
  • Profiles can be password-protected to prevent spam or malicious use. Group (or open) projects are also welcome, as multiple passwords can be assigned to allow for an open-but-safe atmosphere for contributing to a project.
  • Besides posting comments, visitors can also post information about future and past performances of featured scores, which are all viewable on both the artist's and the website's calendars.
  • The site should be considered a work-in-progress - suggestions and ideas for new features are more than welcome, and will be implemented when and where possible...



For more information, please visit and browse the site:
For questions about who, what, when, where, why, and how, please browse the Frequently Asked Questions.



Upload .. Download .. Perform was built using the open source software, PmWiki. Special thanks to the PmWiki community for their help... And many many thanks to the handful of beta-testers who have already begun uploading - THANKS!



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Thanks for your support and participation!


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