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a r t S p a

artSpa currently exists as a shifting public & private forum,
subtly amplifying the connective tissue(s) of Los Angeles,
the art-and-then-somes  —


artistsperformerswritersdancersmusicians[...] + bodyworkerspsychicspsychonautsyoginis[...]


— weaving energetically among bodies and spirits and minds,
as they co-habit the contexts of the aesthetic, the individual, and the relational . . .



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a r t P l u s

is a mailing list for
 creative beings
  in Los Angeles
   currently investigating
    natural, holistic, alternative, extended, or experimental forms of
     sensory perception, communication and healing
      through touch, energetics, intuition, meditation, mediation, movement, and other means...

      feel free to send your

        and more

      to everyone at
      artPlus [at] plus1plus1plus [dot] org





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