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Feel the Love 2008
Thu, 14 Feb 2008, 7:30-11pm

where:  Machine Project
hosted by:  RoutesAndMethods and artSpa



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photos by "monkyatomic"



Yessiree, we're back with more love to spare in lovely workshop/dinner theater form.
Feel the Love 2008: A Valentine's pre-fix workshop at Machine Project
Thursday, February 14th
7:30 to 11pm



Machine Project lovingly presents a Valentine's Evening workshop of intimate explorations, hosted by RoutesAndMethods and a r t S p a.  Geared for lovers, loners, and strangers, this year's workshop features the music of newlyweds, psychic messages galore, Chinese finger traps, and much much more as we wrestle our way to the most satisfying Valentine's ever. Oh, and the Tin Man is our guest of honor. Expect six courses of local organic delicacies and refreshment.


Registration for the workshop opens on Thursday, February 7th at 8pm.
To sign up, please visit:  http://routesandmethods.com/machine_project/20080214.html
The workshop is limited to 22 participants, and we anticipate space filling up super quick. Last year we sold out within hours!!


In order to cover food and drink for the night, there is a sliding-scale registration fee of:
$18 to $30 per person


RSVP & registration required; no late arrivals please.
Limit 1 guest per person when signing up.

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This year's Valentine's Evening workshop will include the following contributions:


  • Matias Viegener will lead a guided meditation on the ground. We'll explore what it is to be grounded, to be attached to this earth, and where the love is to be found.
  • Lovereflections Psychic Journey with Krystal Krunch. Ero-feedback for couples and singles. Learn just how good you really are.
  • Inspired by their mutual love, Lewis Keller and Cat Lamb will perform music with each other and for each other.
  • Jack Wilmarth and Joel Kyack will lead fun, simple games to help you fight.
  • Engage in some intimate kissy-poo vibrations and music with Adam Overton.
  • Enjoy methodical transitions throughout the evening with Michael Parker.
  • And be sure to welcome our guest of honor, the Tin Man.



  • A week-long, user-generated Wireless Network O' Love, provided by Ryan O'Toole and Machine Project. Click here to participate!


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About Our Presenters:


Lee Lynch is a performance artist living and working in LA who was born with Transposition of the Great Vessels, a congenital heart defect requiring open heart surgery at 10 weeks old.  The Tin Man is a character from whom he derives strength which he hopes to generously share.  The 14th of February is also National Adult Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day.



Lewis Keller is a sound artist based in Los Angeles. He is interested in the perception of time, timbre and space and exploring how technology fits into and fights against life. Lewis builds instruments from found objects, electronics and computer code. He also composes and performs for and with people, computers and spaces.



Krystal Krunch is a live arena for affordable astral play, hellacious healings, and spiritual entertainment that won't take your last money.



Joel Kyack is an artist, musician, and grappler living and working in Los Angeles.



Catherine Lamb is a composer and performer (violist) currently residing in Los Angeles. Her focal work is concentrating through intricate and intuitive forms, dissolving time, acute pitch infusions, and shape-shifting stringed instruments into differing resonating bodies by the relationships and ratios in which they are tuned. She is absorbed in radical acoustics and the placement (or displacement) in which a performer sits inside {a body} and its environment.



Ryan O'Toole is a local nerd who likes to mess with wireless stuff and sometimes updates http://cubiclespace.net



Adam Overton is a living composer and performer of experimental sound performance, a teacher of performance & multimedia, and a certified massage therapist. As of late he has been organizing artSpa events around Los Angeles.



Michael Parker is a Los Angeles based artist.



Matias Viegener is a writer and artist who lives in LA and teaches at CalArts.  He is a founder of the art collaborative Fallen Fruit and co-directs an annual experimental writing conference at REDCAT.



Jack Wilmarth loves to sing, dance, and fight in cages for money. He is an east coast expatriate greatly enjoying his new Southern California lifestyle. "Leave the snow to the snowmen" he says.

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artSpa currently exists as a shifting public & private forum,
subtly amplifying the connective tissue(s) of Los Angeles,
the art-and-then-somes -


artistswritersdancersmusicians[...] + practitionersofmassageyogamindfullnesswellness[...]


- weaving energetically among bodies and spirits and minds,
as they co-habit the contexts of the aesthetic, the individual, and the relational . . .



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RoutesAndMethods is an open venue for the communication and exchange of ideas
cold storage + sound camp + farmer's marketing + feel the love



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